It's getting hot in here!

The ultimate fun, feminine and tropical collab for all your festivals and beach days! Meet your summer crush: Stieglitz x Ateljé 🍹🐠🧡

Inspired by sunny, sexy summer trips and colorful treasures from the sea, the collection by these two iconic Dutch brands features 12 items you can all mix and match.

A capsule collection of cool, carefree and co-designed clothes, phone cases and cords that we hope you’ll love! 🫶🏼

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Elevate Your Tech: the Ateljé phone case experience

Welcome to Ateljé, where style meets sustainability, and protection embraces fashion. Our curated collection of phone cases is more than just a shield for your device. It's a statement of our commitment to a greener, more stylish world with self expression at the forefront. As you explore the world of Ateljé phone cases, phone cords, laptop sleeves and mom bags, let's dive into what sets our products apart, the benefits of more sustainable phone cases and the daily protection they offer.

Crafted with care: the Ateljé difference

At Ateljé, we believe in combining aesthetics with eco-consciousness. Our phone cases are made of high quality recycled and recycleable materials, ensuring both style and sustainability. Each case is a testament to our dedication to reducing environmental impact without compromising on design. Discover a range of cases that not only complement your device but also resonate with your values.

Benefits of more sustainable phone cases: Going greener in style

Investing in more sustainably made products, like your phone case, is a small actionable step towards a more sustainable future. Our cases are fully crafted from recycled plastic, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional manufacturing in this industry. From recycled plastics to biodegradable elements, Ateljé phone cases redefine eco-luxury.

Calling all beach babes for our new collection: Beach Gems
Our new phone cases & cords collection is out for spring summer '24.
Get ready for a big summer love affair with our first drop of the summer: BEACH GEMS!

Inspired by the glistering sea we’re bringing you GLOSSY phone cases (all made of recycled plastic). Our phone cords are inspired by your most cherished holiday finds. From pearls and shells you’d find on the beach to that perfect necklace from a souvenir shop.