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Why protect your phone but not your AirPods? Funky, sustainable and protective – These new lilac AirPod case makes your life better. They are made from a more sustainable material, called PLA and it perfectly matches our biodegradable lilac phone case and our Lavender cord.

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Ateljé is all about making your life a little easier - and prettier while you're at it! Have your hands free and your tech protected with our sleeves and cases. (What's that saying again? Keep your friends close and your phone closer?)

Yara Michels Atelje

A passion project by Yara Michels

Personality quiz: are you always looking for your phone, even when it's RIGHT THERE in your hands?

Yup. Same. Welcome to Ateljé.

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  • Puffy laptop sleeve and phone cord

    Our product is at the core of going greener. Our Puffy sleeve is made of 100% recycled material and some of the cords are made of 100% recycled nylon. 

  • recycle sign

    We pack our Ateljé orders eco friendly with Noissue wrapping paper, stickers tape and envelopes.

  • Delivery by bike Atelje

    Orders in the 60 biggest cities of The Netherlands get delivered by bike using the services of De Fietskoerier.