Spice cord

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A sun bleached poppy pink color and recycled nylon cord is here to make your life hands free. Our best seller Spice cord is back! And it’s a perfect match with our Poppy Pink case.


  • Long cross-body phone cord
  • ♻️ The cord is made of 100% recycled nylon - bright pink
  • ♻️ Custom 100% recycled off white faux pearl detail attached
  • Easy to switch cord with 14K gold filled clips
  • Cord length: 114 cm (click here for Spice with a length of 140 cm)
  • Mix and match with other Ateljé phone cords. (Lack of inspiration? Check out our complete phone sets!)

*NOTE: this is just a cord, no case included! This is the extra long version, for the other size click here. Swipe through the pictures for some combi inspiration or create your own phone set