Phone case with Pearl Drop cord

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The chain serves as an accessory but mainly keeps your phone close at all time.

For women that are always looking for their phones in their big bags. For women that want to call while walking around but have one problem: no pockets. For women that just <3 to accessorize. Pearls – I mean girls – just wanna have fun!

Although our case has a protective bumper, as well as extra protection on the edges - a phone is still a delicate object and we use it all day, every day, in all kinds of situations. Please know that we can't be held responsible for any damage, losses, or other issues of a phone that's in an Ateljé case.

  • Flexible, transparent case with bumper corners (silicone)
  • Gold filled hardware
  • White Ateljé logo on the back
  • Cross-body phone chain
  • Length: 120 cm (so 60 cm on each side of your body), pearls have a 6 mm width
  • Off-white faux pearls
  • Easy to switch cord with gold filled clips