PopGrip bio - Pink checks

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This design checks all the boxes 🥵 It's a phone grip and standard that allows you to be handsfree while you watch endless kitten videos or FaceTime with your friends. It also ups your selfie game by extending the reach of your arm.


  • This product has a diameter of +/- 4cm
  • Top is changeable 
  • You can still charge your phone wirelessly, by removing the top
  • Proudly developed with 35% plant-based materials:
    ♻️ Top: 56% cornstarch
    ♻️ Accordion: 52% canola oil
    ♻️ Connector hub: 70% castor beans

*NOTE: For the best experience, use our transparant phone case for the PopGrips and Wallet. The adhesive sticker on these products may stick well to other surfaces, but it doesn't stick as securely to our bio cases as it does on the transparant ones.