Transparant recycled iPhone case with Horizon and Good vibes cord

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€73,95 EUR

Good vibes on the horizon! Keep up the fun with these pops of color and our recycled plastic classic Transparent case, Horizon and Good Vibes cords.

You can always create your own phone set of choice by mixing a case and cord.


  • ♻️ Flexible, shiny blue case made of 100% recycled plastic (TPU) with bumper corners and Ateljé logo on the back
  • 14K gold filled hardware and clips with engraved Ateljé logo
  • Cord with off-white faux pearls and rainbow coloured beads
  • Including 1 Transparant recycled iPhone case (pick your iPhone size) and 1 Horizon cord (116cm) and 1 Good vibes cord

*DISCLAIMER: Although our case has a protective bumper, as well as extra protection on the edges - a phone is still a delicate object and we use it all day, every day, in all kinds of situations. Please know that we can't be held responsible for any damage, losses, or other issues of a phone that's in an Ateljé case.